Silver Alert 2016 – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jul 18, 2016
While the S&P 500 is currently up 5.9%, silver is performing eight times better, up about 45% since January. Silver gains almost double that of gold which is 25% YTD.
As stock markets collapsed in 2008 falling 57%, silver rallied 441% from 2008-2011. This is when the Fed began it’s scheme of manipulating gold and silver prices by selling gold and silver that did not exist through COMEX and the LBMA.
Silver is currently trading 58% below its high of March 2011, even while physical demand strains the market.
Current economic and political conditions continue building the perfect scenario for the bull market we are witnessing. As Washington incites rioting across the US. and the Fed lends money to itself to purchase their own shares, via partner banks, the system has never seen more precarious times.
Keep vigilant and make sure you have funds at home, some type of food storage and firearms with plenty of ammo, God forbid should we need it.
Above all, pray!
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