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Like gold bullion, silver bullion is an excellent investment vehicle for investors across the globe. Silver Bullion is normally available in Coin & Bar form for purchasing and selling in the markets. Another category of silver bullion is silver rounds. See below a brief description about silver coins and bars.


Silver Coins

Silver coins are the most cherished and popular form of silver. Coins have a higher premium than silver bullion but are demanded for collector values. Coins are widely popular among numismatist across the world. Round in shape, silver coins are minted by official mints of a country. Coins produced in different mints are given specific identity, for example; coins manufactured by the US Mint are given a particular name such as American Eagle while those manufactured by Canada are called the Canadian Maple Leaf. The Silver Panda is manufactured in China. Therefore coins derive their names from the national mints where they are manufactured.

Silver Coins carry a higher premium than silver bars and rounds. Silver coins and silver bullion may carry the same weight but the premium of coins remains higher due to popularity among the collectors and increased demand in secondary markets. Moreover, these are produced in limited quantities and can be sometimes very rare. Bullion such as bars and rounds are produced in limitless quantity and are abundantly available in the global market.


Silver Bars

Bars are a popular item with investors when purchasing silver for investments. These are available in standard sizes of 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., 1 kilo, and 100 oz. The price per oz. is inversely proportional to the size of the bar ordered; the greater the size of bar ordered the lower the premium per oz.

As a premier silver dealer of Bullion, Coins & Bars, we offer a wide variety of products some of which are listed below:

•    Silver Bar - Sunshine 1 oz.                                   •    Silver Round - Engelhard 1/10 oz.
•    Silver Bar - Sunshine 5 oz.                                   •    Silver Round - Engelhard 1/2 oz.
•    Silver Bar - Sunshine 10 oz.                                 •    Silver Round - Buffalo 1 oz.
•    Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey 1/2 oz.                 •    Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz.
•    Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey 1 oz.                     •    Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 1.5 oz.
•    Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey 3 oz.

The price of Silver Bullion, Coins & Bars are subject to fluctuations in the spot price of silver in the global markets.


Popular Silver Products

1 oz. American Silver Eagle 1 oz. Silver Round- Engelhard
1 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad
1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic 1 oz. Silver Bar- Johnson Matthey
90% Silver U.S. Coin Bag 5 oz. Silver Bar- Johnson Matthey
40% Silver U.S. Coin Bag  


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