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Posted on :Nov 02, 2015

Updated 11-3-2015

The gold slide continues in early U.S. trading Wednesday as the metal pushed below a 4 week low. Gold last reported a.m. is $1113.90 and silver is down 0.8 cents at $15.28.

Concerns over global economic stagnation, especially with China continue to hammer financial markets, even as China attempts to stimulate its economy. Stocks in Asia and Europe fell on Monday after seeing recent measures implemented by the Chinese to bring market stability have failed.

Fortunately for the American working class, our esteemed Washington overlords will be suspending our nations debt limit, again. The Treasury has now been given the green light to borrow another 1.5 trillion or more, by the end of 2017 placing each U.S. household even further in debt.

Since January 2009, our national debt has almost doubled as politicians on both sides of the isle argue over who gets what. House Speaker John Boehner say’s don’t worry about it though, because “the spending increases are fully funded by cuts elsewhere.” Since when has Washington imposed any cuts in spending that actually amounted to real savings? Boehner is doing what he does best, carrying water for other oligarchs like himself.

His best buddy, Mr. Obama even stated that increased debt upon the working class, “will actually strengthen the working class.” That’s right, the more debt we incur the better off we are. It’s make perfect since for those who enjoy living in financial slavery.

On behalf of the 94 million unemployed Americans and the other millions who are working part-time poverty wage jobs, we want to say thank you. Debt never felt so invigorating.

To say Washington and its system of perpetual debt is destroying our once great nation is a gross understatement. To mismanage a nation is one thing; to intentionally mismanage a nation with aspirations of destroying the working class is criminal.

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