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Posted on :Jan 20, 2016

Updated 1-25-16

Gold prices are up in early US trading Monday over concerns of more stock market volatility. Gold last reported is 1107.30 and silver is $14.31.

Reality continues to show us that all that glitters isn’t gold or maybe it’s just fools gold. Since 2008, the Fed propped up Wall Street by pumping massive liquidity into stocks, bonds etc. only to find out 8 years later that fraud is still fraud.

2016 will be remembered as the year that nations around the globe finally went over the cliff. We aren’t saying there won’t be a spike in the stock markets here and there but we are saying stock market losses will continue to destroy trillions in wealth moving forward.

Since January 1, 2016 stocks are down 11.5% but this is only the beginning as witnessed by recent daily economic headlines. If we look beyond the numbers, we see the stark reality that our system of fraud and rigged markets is coming to an end.

Articles from 1-20-16 thru 1-25-2016

*Markets In Turmoil: Futures Plunge, Japan Enters Bear Market, Crude and Commodity Currencies Crash.

*Goldman Post Worst Q4 Revenue Since 2011.

*Oil Slump Rocks Markets Again in Equity Rout.

*Global Stocks on Brink of Bear Market

*Emerging Markets Roiled As  Stock Sell-Off Surpasses Asian Crisis.

*Rising Debt In Emerging Markets Poses Global Threat

*China Shares Slip As Oil Slides Outweighing Stimulus Hopes.

*Earnings Growth Slows To Weakest Since 2014.

*Housing Starts Miss, Again.

*CPI Drops In December.

*World Faces Wave Of Epic Debt Defaults.

*Russia Ruble Hits All Time Low.

*Stocks Slide Investors Flee To Bonds On Oil Rout.

*US Crude Sinks Below $28.00 Per Barrel To 12 Year Low.

*DOW Falls 350 S&P At Lowest Level Since Late 2014.

*BLS Reports 94,356,000 Americans Not In Work Force.

*BLS Reports Over Half Of American Households Are Living Below National Poverty Level.

What does all of this mean you may ask? Simply that central banks have shown they have no ammo left to fight the return of economic chaos.

It’s time to protect our assets with real physical gold and silver available at basement prices while supplies last. Record demand of both gold and silver show the direction of smart money. It’s not in the stock markets folks.


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