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Posted on :Dec 28, 2015

Updated 12-31-2015

2015 proved to be a difficult year for precious metals and stocks alike. The major difference is gold and silver have been intentionally forced down via COMEX while the Fed fought to purchase gains in US stock markets with their magic money programs. Gold last reported a.m. Wednesday is $1062.60 and silver is $13.91.

As stock market investors took a beating they had no luck jumping ship into other markets attempting to stave off losses. Asset allocation funds saw their worst performance in 79 years as the S&P gained only 1.25% while commodities and bonds are showing losses. As we head into another year with a weak economy and negative earnings, indicators show the market has topped and more downturn is on the way.

The “gold banks” continue downplaying the importance of owning precious metals for 2016. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America believe gold will fall to $1000 an ounce or lower and they may be right. When these partner banks work to sell gold and silver that doesn’t exist through COMEX, anything is possible. Amazingly enough, it appears there’s no shortage of buyers, as prices go down, purchases go up.

From nations like Russia and China to the “simpletons” walking down the street, sentiment for owning gold has grown in 2015. At a time when global economies are floundering, investors are running to precious metals, not more stocks and bonds as we saw in 2014.

The Fed pumped US stock markets from 2008 to present and we’ve finally reached the point of no return. No return for investors and no return from the catastrophic damage caused by monetary insanity called quantitative easing.

Now is not the time to stand idle hoping for stock market gains to materialize in 2016 but it is time to jump into something trusted by governments and central banks, precious metals. The “herd” is moving out of stocks and other paper assets and into physical gold and silver.

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