Swiss 20 Franc 1/5 oz.

Posted on :Feb 21, 2015

Swiss Franc 



Technical Specifications

 Gross Weight  0.23 troy oz
 Gold Content  0.18 troy oz
 Fineness  0.91% pure
 Diameter  0.82”


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Investing in gold and silver coins is a popular method for protecting wealth. Gold and silver coins are readily available for purchase in world markets . Precious metals have been used as a storehouse of wealth for thousands of years. The major advantage of owning these coins is they are highly liquid.

The 1/5 oz. Swiss 20 Franc is among the more popular choices for investors and collectors in global markets. The gold coins of the Switzerland National Mint are popular worldwide. The Swiss 20 Franc is referred to as a semi-numismatic coin. Because of this feature, these coins carry a higher premium than bullion and modern legal tender coins.

The 1/5 oz. Swiss 20 Franc is among the oldest gold coins minted anywhere in the world. Of semi-numismatic coins, the Swiss 20 Franc is the most popular choice for investors and collectors. The coin was minted by the Swiss National Mint between 1897 and 1936 and in 1947 through 1949. The first Swiss 20 Franc coins were first struck in the year 1492 and have since remained a dominant coin around the world. The gold content in the coin is 0.18 troy ounces and purity is 91%.

The obverse of the 1/5 oz. Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia series has a depiction of “Swiss Miss” of Switzerland folklore set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and the word “HELVETIA” (the female national personification of Switzerland). The back of the coin features the Swiss Coat of Arms and its legal tender value (20 FR) and the date.

Some remarkable features of 1/5 oz. Swiss 20 Franc makes it a preferred choice of investors and collectors alike:

• Rarity of coin
• Beautiful design and attractive look
• Convenience of trading in global markets
• These are not allowable for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
• Guarantee of weight and purity as the 1/5 oz. Swiss 20 Franc was minted by the Swiss National Mint
• Immediate liquidity factor.



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