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Posted on :Nov 16, 2015

Updated 11-20-15

Gold prices are steady in early trading Thursday after posting gains on Wednesday. Gold last reported a.m. is $1082.70 and silver is $14.31.

On Saturday, China welcomed the backing of the International Monetary Fund stating the yuan deserves to be included in its reserve currencies.

Despite Washington’s best efforts to exclude the Chinese currency, Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief said the yuan now meets the requirements to be a freely usable currency.  The People’s Bank of China believes the inclusion of the yuan or renminbi into the Special Drawing Rights basket will strengthen the attraction of the SDR and bolster the existing international monetary system. Checkmate China!

China remains outspoken and over the past several years has expressed its goal to displace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency of choice. To counter China’s move, Washington’s strategy is to place the U.S. further in debt destroying U.S. sovereignty.

Never fear though as our distinguished leaders from the Treasury Department contend, “we intend to support the renminbi’s inclusion in the Special Drawing Rights basket provided the currency meets the International Monetary Fund’s existing criteria. In other words, China is an unstoppable locomotive and we better jump on board before we’re left standing alone at the train station.

Our nation has never been in greater peril because at no other time is U.S. history has our own government so wholeheartedly sown the seeds of destruction for their own country.

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