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Posted on :Nov 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! The U.S. Mint reports it sold out of 2015 1 oz. Gold American Eagle coins. As prices remain below production costs, demand soars for physical gold and silver.

Gold prices are steady in early U.S. trading Wednesday over safe haven demand as Turkey downs a Russian fighter jet over Syrian airspace. Gold last reported is $1072.60 and silver is $14.20.

According to Turkey’s Dogan news, two Russian pilots who were parachuting to safety were assassinated mid-air by local rebels belonging to the Free Syrian Army.

Turkey claims the Russian pilots were warned ten times that they were flying over Turkish territory something Russia adamantly denies. Moscow insisted that the jet had stayed inside Syrian territory, and Damascus denounced the incident as “flagrant aggression against Syrian sovereignty”.

Vladimir Putin said Turkey, “stabbed us in the back,” calling Turkey “accomplices of terrorists” and vows retaliation for the downing of its jet and the killing of its two pilots.

On the heels of the downed Russian fighter jet we now have reports that Syrian rebels have just destroyed a Russian helicopter with a anti-tank missile supplied by the U.S.

Unlike Washington who has been groping around in the dark for the past 15 years fighting terrorism, or not, Russia won’t sit back and allow its nation to be attacked without taking serious measures to extinguish the threat.

Washington has created a global nightmare in the Middle East as politicians and bankers believed they could control Arab nations only to find out they failed to do so.

History proves the Middle East will not be owned by foreigners.

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