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Posted on :Dec 04, 2015

Updated 12-11-2015

Once again, our president shows how despicable he really is stating, “terrorists have embraced the all too common American style of violence.” We would like to direct his attention to thousands of years of documented history showing these people have a track record of terrorism and violence.

Our president has no love for America or its citizenry and his comments are simply pathetic.

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Washington's Slaves

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics is reporting that 211,000 jobs were created in November touting this as a reason for the Fed to finally raise interest rates after 9 years of ZIRP.  The agency claims that average hourly earnings rose by a whopping 4 cents in November. With this newly found wealth, American working class peasants can now plan for those long awaited summer vacations.

Now that we’ve shared the “good” news of financial success, in order to be fair we must share the bad as well. Unfortunately, 94,446,000 Americans still remain unemployed and will not see the 4 cent per hour raise being enjoyed by so many.

Though the BLS reports U.S. unemployment rate at 5%, the actual unemployment rate for American workers remains around 18%. The government experts exclude those workers who have given up on finding a job as unemployed. Unemployment during the U.S. Great Depression reached 25 percent.

This federal accounting chicanery should come as no surprise while our own president denies that terrorists are actually terrorists. Maybe they’re just angry workplace employees which makes the killing of innocent people more palatable. Strangely enough he used this same rhetoric when terrorists killed Americans in Benghazi.

Maybe the president should be reminded that these “angry employees” regularly carry coffins on the streets of cities in the Middle East embossed with his picture. Maybe when they burn pictures of him and shout “death to America” they’re just expressing innocent frustrations that are not really intended to incite harm. Maybe our president is right when he blames American taxpayers for the woes of this once great nation.

After all, he already stated that “God wouldn’t hear our prayers” because Americans own guns yet he sanctions the murder of millions of unborn babies by refusing to cut Planned Parenthood funding. National stupidity has reached such epidemic levels that it’s become literally incomprehensible.

Recently, the media reported our president as saying, “states don’t have the right” to stand against federal tyranny. This quote is in reference to his statement made concerning the 36 states that are refusing to accept Syrian refugees over concerns of terrorism.

Evidently Washington sees the states and their populaces as nothing more than common chattel to do with what they wish.

Never has this nation lived in more perilous times as our freedom and very lives are at stake.

If we choose not to awaken and continue to slumber further into slavery then shame on us. If we don’t have the courage to stand for ourselves, then God help us to stand for our children.

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