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Posted on :Oct 20, 2015

Updated 10-23-15

Gold prices are down in early a.m. trading Friday but still finished the week strong. Gold last reported a.m. is $1163.50 and silver is unchanged at $15.87.

We advised clients in Nov. 2014 that we expected gold prices in 2015 to hover around the $1200.00 mark, and deep into the last quarter it appears we were close. We look for both gold and silver to make small gains in 2016 as long as large scale wars don’t emerge. Gold may possibly see a steady $1250 spot in the second quarter but we won’t know for sure until we get there.

Many popular economists along with doom and gloom prophets predicted 2015 was the year everything would blow up and well, it didn’t happen, yet. Steer clear of “date setters” who love to sell books and DVD’s to fatten their own wallets and ego’s. Strangely enough, it seems many people actually believe they want to see global destruction looking at the events in almost a circus like atmosphere. Folks, there’s nothing fun about going through another Great Depression or worse so stop wishing it for yourself and others.

Central banks have the power to run our systems into the ground for many more years while individuals slowly suffocate on more debt. The frog never knew he was being cooked until it was too late.

Global economic signals indicate we remain on a downward trend that will increase in severity but the term “severity” is always relative. In the U.S. alone, over one half of our population has already been living in severe conditions, especially since 2008. Part-time poverty level jobs, unless you are a politician, have become the mainstay for millions of Americans who at one time dreamed of making better lives for themselves. Now the “American Dream” is nothing short of a living nightmare.

The saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees holds true today.” We look for the “giant” explosion and fail to realize seemingly insignificant tremors are taking place daily. Whether it be an explosion or tremors, all are leading us into the same direction, economic hardships and war.

Why war? Because central bankers and politicians always go to war when there’s no other way to save their kingdom. Banking wars have increased in ferocity over the past two years and now we find ourselves being trumped by Russia in the Middle East and China in the South China Sea. Most nations including our allies believe the dollar will lose reserve currency status one way or another, possibly to the Yuan. This is the reason Washington, under Fed orders may instigate another world war if dollar dominance is seriously challenged.

Hardships will continue to increase but many people still have the opportunity to protect a portion of their assets from fraudulent markets and coming downturns. There is a reason central banks and governments trust gold and silver to protect their kingdoms. Call them, “gold bugs” if you will but they know something most of us do not. Fiat currencies and markets only last so long and we better be holding an insurance policy that offers real value in worst case scenarios.

Look for 2016 to usher in more wars and more debt. Are you prepared?

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