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Posted on :Feb 24, 2016

Global stocks are up this morning on hope that a G-20 stimulus announcement is coming. That’s correct, the same “hope” we’ve seen push markets over the past 8 years that created the largest debt and asset bubbles in history.

CITI warned the G-20 today “to do something,” i.e. “print more money,” or you’ll risk igniting global chaos. Maybe it’s just paranoia but this sounds seriously negative for the globe.

China’s central bank is showing exuberance over the possibility of printing money as well but it’s important to remember this same China has been building ghost cities for years in effort to stimulate its drowning economy. The term, “ghost cities’ is used because these cities are literally void of human life. They were created to give the illusion that China’s economy was healthy.

Basically, we remain where we were 8 years ago as global economies began to collapse and central banks pumped stock markets creating the illusion of wealth. Nations cannot exist on the perpetual debt train and without jobs global economies will continue dying.

Welcome to the new global community.

Gold last reported a.m. Thursday morning is $1226.90 and silver is $14.93.

Since May of 2015 when the DOW peaked, global investors have lost over 15 trillion dollars in stock markets and central banks are helpless this time to do anything about it. QE and other money printing programs have proved to be dismal failures with the exception of creating great wealth for big banks.

2016 ushered in a time of staggering losses for stock markets and world economies are guaranteeing it’s only going to become worse.

It’s time to protect our wealth with physical gold and silver available at unbelievably low prices while supplies last.

Silver is currently available below production costs.

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