“Gold, Guns, Confiscation And War” – Ken Williams

Posted on :Sep 12, 2014

By: Ken Williams

Gold and silver markets continue to be hammered weekly by the bullion bankers at COMEX and the London Bullion Market.

Estimates are that these entities have sold 100 oz. of gold for every 1oz. that actually exists. For every 1 oz. of silver that exists, the bankers have sold approximately 80 oz. It doesn’t take much to see that if large buyers begin asking for their metals to be delivered that the whole Ponzi scheme would collapse.

Were China alone to ask for their silver supposedly being held at COMEX to be delivered no other option but default would be available.

The Federal Reserve knows that global markets are on to their game but there is nothing else they can do but keep it going. To admit theft on a world wide scale is something the Fed will never do.

When Germany asked for their gold to be repatriated the U.S. responded with a resounding, “you’ll get it when you get it”. Why then would Germany and other foreign nations not begin demanding physical delivery and catch the thief in the open to expose his chicanery?

As of now central banks and governments are loading up on gold at basement prices. If the victims of the Fed make too much noise they can kiss these low prices good-bye. Their situation is this; the gold is gone and they know it. Calling the bullion bankers on the mat could cause a global stampede into gold and silver and force prices through the roof. The best option for them is to buy all they can at low prices while they last. This is exactly what they continue doing as the world prepares for a new currency to take control and also war.

We hear statements quite frequently that “all of the gold is leaving the west and going east”. While it is true that China, Russia and Brazil are by far the largest purchasers of gold don’t think for a moment that the Fed and its brethren U.K. bankers have left themselves empty handed. These families have controlled modern banking for 400 plus years and gaming the system is second nature to them. Our belief remains that the Fed is storing U.S. gold in England and has done so for many years, not Fort Knox.

If you stole gold as took place in 1933 in the U.S. under F.D.R. where would you hide it? Would you keep it in the U.S. where the most heavily armed populace in the world could access it or the U.K. where citizens have no power to protect themselves from a rogue government.  U.S. gold is obviously more secure from the banksters point of view being held where no one has the ability to retrieve it.

Many well-known commentators also make claims that Americans are foolish to hold gold and silver in the U.S. It is my belief that they are 100 percent wrong. Their plan is to hide assets in foreign countries so Washington can’t get access to it. Of course Washington showed it can get access by recently demanding the Swiss turn over all banking records on American citizens. Newsflash: the Swiss are indeed turning over bank records.

Can we really trust these foreign institutions to safe-guard our assets? They are socialists countries and the citizens have no weapons with which to protect themselves or stand against tyranny. Your assets would be confiscated immediately should the opportunity arise and there is nothing you could do about it. Make all of the phone calls you want, your assets are gone.

Should Washington attempt to confiscate privately held gold it would result in a bloody civil war that Washington would not win. Washington backed off its second amendment attacks last year as Americans rallied in defense of firearms nationwide. That’s right, mighty Washington and its puppet media actually backed down.

The thought that Americas will not stand against tyranny is not only delusional it flies in the face of historical fact. When we are forced back into a corner we come out fighting mad. We as citizens are making our voices known that we no longer trust Washington, period. We are waking up and the corrupt bankers and politicians fear they are losing control.

There is no safer place in the entire world when it comes to defending life and personal assets than the U.S. Thank God for the wisdom given to the Founding Fathers as we were entrusted with the second amendment.

War is coming because the Federal Reserve has lost control and they will risk battle over willful surrender. Our duty is to stand for what is right. Not for the corrupt systems devised by demonically inspired scoundrels.

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