“Gold Update” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 15, 2014

Gold Last reported is $1233.30 up $2.30 and silver is $18.65 up 4 cents.

After two more weeks of fraudulent gold and silver futures sell-offs both metals are climbing again this morning.

Global war edges closer as Washington taking marching orders from their master Federal Reserve continues to inflame the European crises. Both Russia and China have publicly stated they do not want war with the U.S. but the Fed is hell bent on war because they believe they can win.

It’s difficult for a sane mind to imagine the perversion that would take a world into another global war only to protect their corrupt agenda.  History proves that Central bankers have no allegiance to nations or human beings, only to themselves.

The Fed continues pumping money into Wall Street creating the illusion of healthy markets but the deceit is obvious. Jobless numbers remain at all time highs along with record numbers of Americans on government handouts derived from U.S. taxpayers.

There is not one area of the U.S. economy that can support record market gains but unfortunately the average American is falling into the trap. Those investors who remain in paper assets will eventually suffer tremendous loss. The Ponzi game can’t go on forever. No person knows the day or hour but we do know it’s coming and loses will be very real.

Expect Russia and China along with our paid allies to move forward in creating alliances in their attempt to remove the yoke of Washington’s chains.

The U.S. is bankrupt financially, morally and spiritually and the wolves are circling what’s left.

Central banks and governments remain the largest “gold bugs” in the world despite their warnings that the metal is no longer a safe investment. We encourage our readers to look at what they do and not what they say.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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