“Gold Reported down with 50 cents”: Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 24, 2014

Gold last reported is $1221.10 down 50 cents and silver is $ 17.73 down 7 cents.

Our outlook for 2014 concerning gold spot remains in the $1300-$1350 range.

As the U.S. Russia and China continue jockeying for position in the Middle East to control oil and finance we are guaranteed to see increasing turmoil. This heightened turmoil may be the very catalyst that Washington is looking for to pull Russia and China into a world war.

After many years of attempting to install puppet regimes in the Middle East we have failed miserably and will continue to do so.

China opened its own gold exchange and for now “naked shorts” are not allowed. These shorts are the futures sells that COMEX and the LBMA use regularly to suppress gold and silver prices. For the time being China is only moving physical gold but this alone will not destabilize the bullion bankers game of rigging prices. The Yuan will more than likely be backed by real gold in a last move to displace the dollar. Once backed with gold the game is up for the Fed and Washington.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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