Susan Jones: “Gallup: By 6 to 1, Americans Think Our Gov’t More Important Problem than Situation in Iraq” – CNS News

Posted on :Sep 11, 2014

By: Susan Jones

CNS News

September 11, 2014

The sheeple continue awakening and Washington is growing very nervous.

( – By a margin of around 6 to 1, Americans says their own government is a more important problem than terrorism, war, or the situation in Iraq, according to a new Gallup Poll.

Asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today,” 18 percent of Americans said “dissatisfaction with government,” while 4 percent said terrorism, and 3 percent said the situation in Iraq.

In fact, dissatisfaction with government topped the list of problems; terrorism was number 9 on the list, just above “poverty/hunger/homelessness.”

Wars/war/fear of war ranked 13th, chosen by 3 percent of Americans as the nation’s biggest problem. The “situation in Iraq” was way down there, too, at number 14, with another 3 percent listing that as the country’s biggest problem.

The bottom line, according to Gallup: “Thirteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., terrorism is far less top-of-mind for Americans than it was immediately after those attacks.”

But Gallup also noted that mentions of terrorism did increase slightly this month given all the media coverage of ISIS and the beheading of two American journalists.

In September, Americans mentioned government as the nation’s biggest problem (18%, same as last month), followed by the economy (17%), immigration (12%), unemployment (12%), foreign policy (6%), the federal budget deficit (6%), healthcare (5%), ethics/moral/religious decline (5%), terrorism (4%), poverty/hunger/homelessness (3%), education (3%), gap between rich and poor (3%), war (3%), Iraq situation (3%), judicial system (3%), and finally, race relations/racism (3%).

Gallup based its results on telephone interviews conducted Sept. 4-7, 2014, with a random sample of 1,017 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Another Gallup Poll, conducted during the same Sept. 4-7 timeframe, overwhelmingly chose Republicans as being better able to protect the U.S. from international terrorism and military threats.

Fifty-five percent of Americans chose Republicans, while 32 percent chose the Democratic Party.

“This is the widest Republican advantage in Gallup’s history of asking this¬† question since 2002,” the poll noted.

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